First steps

November 2016

In the past year, anyone who heard my story said I was brave. Something about the word brave just doesn't connect with me. It isn't as if I have overcome a difficult illness, god forbid, or fought for a cause that would change the world. All I did is chase a dream, after something that would change my life and probably my life only.
For all those who don't know me, and for those who do, you should know that there is no bigger coward than me. Every step I make is accompanied by a pep talk I give myself that goes something like this: 
"Come on Ziv, you can do this. Someone has already done this before you, so there is no reason you won't make it! Come on, start with the first step".
The more I think about it, the more I realize that in fact all of my memories are made of first steps: the first step I made towards my army base, the first step I took into my fathers' hospital room and the hesitant step I made towards the microphone through which I spoke at his funeral. The first step that gave me some breathing air when I flew with my friends to see the world and the terrifying step that led me to decide to continue travelling on my own. The step into the backyard of my family's house when I announced that I was moving to a foreign country and the first step at the entrance of the village and the beginning of my new life. 
My mother taught me that the qualities needed for survival or success, are usually found in those that had to adopt them because of their particular circumstances. You see, life is built by first steps and the majority of the steps I have made were due to certain circumstances, because I just didn't have any other choice. I have learned with time, that no matter what awaits me after that step, what drives me is not courage. What drives me is the faith that I will be able to overcome this step as well; not because I want to, but because I have to. All I remember is first steps and I am still here fighting with myself to take them every time.
So here is something small from me to you, don't let the word courage define you, don't let the fear paralyze you and the next time you want something just take one little step.
Until the next time,

May you always be inspired
Sincerely yours,
Ziv Fetter