Old world verses the new one

March 2017

After a very interesting conversation with my mother, I felt the need to share my insights with the world, or at least with those who read my blogs.
We spoke about how the tables have turned. Me, who comes from "old" marketing, speaking with my mother that is twice my age and studying "new" marketing; social media marketing.
Many times I feel like the product of a strange combination between the old and the new world. I was born to a world with a black and white television, cassettes and a dial phone and during adolescence, I already enjoyed computers, old social medias and cellphones. I expected to feel more comfortable with the world of the media, with the fast turnover of things, with the progress and all the good and bad that comes with it. But I don't. 
As part of my work process in Italy I had to learn to change the habits and the spinning life rhythm I came with from home and adopt the local habits. It’s not as if I live in an international city like Milan, I live in a small authentic Tuscan village where things work a bit differently. 
To produce handmade bags, that every single part even the smallest one, is handmade by artists, takes a lot of patience. This is something I wasn't born with, maybe because of who I am or because of my generation. In Italy they say 'piano piano', because it is part of the norm, but I come from a generation where everything is fast, a world where what is currently relevant won't be in a few hours. I grew up in a generation that consumes so many things and experiences, that is never satiated and that is always looking for meaning. We may have been born to a world with meaning, but we didn't grow up with it. 
I went to New York to look for inspiration. The pace in the streets was insane, everybody runs from place to place, without resting for a moment, eating on the run, not looking sideways and I felt again like that product of strange combination between the old and the new world. I returned confused.
I will write about my mother, in more detail in the future, since this blog is too short to encompass all of her layers. I will share with you that she is the one who taught me that a person can invent herself over again, challenge herself, develop and flow with the natural changes of the world. She is the one who always saw the unborn, was and still has a much more advanced thinking and worldview than me. So, as I was speaking with her, I realized that maybe she belongs in this developed world more than me and that I probably belong to the old one.  
I came to designing from the marketing and public relations world: a world where everything is done in a fast and crazy pace, a world where there is no time to stop, observe and acknowledge. What you didn't get to today is lost. There is no tomorrow. But even with my background and the appropriate age, I find myself struggling more and more to understand the world of digital marketing and social media. It is funny, because it was easier learning Italian on the go, understanding foreign laws, learning the culture and the manners and seeing the world through the eyes of the Italians who surround me, rather than understanding how the immediate marketing culture works. I truly try to use the incredible tools that social media provides us with, especially since I market and advertise only online. My goal was to market my bags, my vision, the content and the beliefs of my business to the world in a way that reflects me as a person. So, how can you get through to the people and stay in their minds when every selfie gains 'likes' with an accelerating momentum and sweeping admiration, but is forgotten as fast as it appeared? How can you face the virtual reality people present to the world when I am trying to present a picture that is genuine? How will this one picture create awareness when, in our days, it is the quantity that counts and not the quality? And when was the last time we stopped to indulge in the moment and not just take a picture of it?
A lot has been written about my generation, the Y generation. You have probably already heard too much about what I have written here. But, I who was born in this generation, have stopped for a moment to observe. I saw that life is moving too fast and we fast-forward it even more, without experiencing it and without leaving a mark for the generations that will come after us; without investing in action or positively influencing the environment, without communicating with one another not only through a screen, without sitting for a moment on the porch watching the view and sipping a glass of wine.  
So I will end this blog with a hope for the future, that our world will keep moving forward to a new world but will remember to also look back and preserve the values that brought us here, and will keep changing but will respect the old world. We will take the best of both worlds and take advantage of the progress and technology, but know to differentiate reality and imagination, real success and momentary success. That the values that accompanied us will help us enjoy the road, believe in ourselves and in the differences between us and know that even though the work is hard it always pays off even if the reward isn't immediate. 
Stop, breathe, live and leave something for the generations to come. 

May you always be inspired
Sincerely yours,
Ziv Fetter