Soul bird in the big city


This bags' design was inspired by Dana, my good friend, the little sister I never had. She has an artistic personality, withdrawn, gentle and loyal. We have been friends for many years and the things we had to overcome together are too hard for me to share, but they are the ones that turned our friendship into what it is today.

Dana brings light into my life even in my darkest days. Her loyalty to me and to those around her transcends time and place. It is a loyalty that is hard to find in this world and that inspires me and fills me with hope. Dana is full of emotion, but she is so gentle and introverted, that only few get to see what is hidden in her heart. Her creativity, the art within her, is her way to make the world more beautiful, especially the worlds of those she comes across.

"Soul Bird" (by Michal Snunit) is the name of a children's book that addresses adults as well. The book tells the story of a bird who is in the souls of people and feels what they are feeling. A bird that no one has seen, but no one doubts its existence. The soul bird is built from many drawers and only she can open them. Each drawer represents a feeling; once the drawer opens, the feeling bursts out.

I hope you will find in this bag a place for all your "drawers". I hope this bag will faithfully accompany you in this journey called life, that it will protect you and remind you of those who have your back and will contain everything you put inside it in a way that it can only be revealed to you. We all have the "Soul Bird" inside of us and sometimes we need someone to remind us that it is ok to be exposed and open a drawer. I hope you find a friend who will give you this feeling as Dana has done for me.


May you always be inspired
Sincerely yours,
Ziv Fetter

    Technical Info:

  • Handmade leather handbag
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% genuine leather
  • Color: mustard
  • Smooth soft leather
  • Backpack
  • Leather straps adjustable with buckle
  • Stiff fabric lining
  • Logo on front
  • Zip closure on top
  • Second closure with leather tab shaped as a bird
  • Catalog: BP.00.0030
  • Size: L23 xH24 XW10 CM

    Bag`s Interior:

  • Divided into compartments
  • Middle compartment with zipper opening
  • Small detachable purse
  • Key holder
  • Cellphone pocket
  • Card slots
  • Pen pocket